Why I Wrote The Wine Diet

I cannot believe six months have passed since my last post.  I don't hardly know where the time as gone.  Certainly I have spent time with my young family.  And I have spent a lot of time at work as the real estate services firm I work for started to grow.  It is easy to get distracted and start to fall back into old routines.  Luckily for me I have been on The Wine Diet for long enough that I have built some new habits.  Which isn't to say that over the last six months I have been completely successful.  As time got short I had to stop working out every day.  I didn't adjust my caloric intake fast enough which resulted in some weight gain.  Also the stress of being a father and a growing company also resulted in some over-indulgence.  None of it is good for the waist line.  But I am back on track allocating time in life to get some exercise and keep my calories in balance.  Now its time to get the writing back on track so I can share everything I have learned about getting thin and staying that way.

What better way to start than to share why I wrote The Wine Diet.  I have never been the best writer.  My talents lay far more in the spreadsheet and finance world than the literary.  But I decided to write this book because I wanted to share with people a reasonable alternative to losing weight and keeping it off.  I had tried many fad diets from high protein and low carb, paleo diets, and juice diets.  All of them worked to some degree but none of them worked for very long.  There had to be something wrong with those diets to work for a while but not forever.  I now know what it was.  These diets were born from extreme effort and were not natural to the way we work, the way we change over time, and the way we live our lifestyles.  These diets required commitment which could be given in the short run but not forever.  I realized I needed to create a diet that worked for me that would not require me to give up the way I lived.  So I had to be able to drink wine.  Being a part of a wine family and foregoing the wine would not last very long.  How many times could I go out for a wine tasting picnic and watch everyone else enjoy the fruit of the wine while I sipped on water?  

So I built a diet framework which allowed me to lose weight and drink wine.  To get the nutrients I needed and to feel full and satisfied, I had to put every calorie to work.  So I paid attention to what I ate and ate less of what left me hungry and more of what left me feeling satisfied.  I eventually ended up with a sense of what I ate, how many calories were in it, and how to shed excess calories from foods that didn't add to the satisfaction. Ultimately all of this became The Wine Diet.  I wrote the book for all of those people who, like me, are tired of dieting.  I wanted people to know there was an alternative way of looking at diet that didn't require giving up your life.  I wanted to present a basic framework, that anyone could use, to create their own diet program and lose weight while eating and drinking foods that they loved.  And for the fellow winos out there, here is an exact plan you can follow to get and stay thin while drinking wine.  Cheers!