Weight Loss: Where to Start?

If you have read The Wine Diet book, you may have noticed that I did not address the topic of specific nutritional advice.  Which was intentional.  Why?  Because in my experience, forcing yourself to eat radically different than how you eat now simply doesn't work in the long run.  Making those kinds of strict changes doesn't just impact the food you put in your body, it also impacts they way you live your life.  Which means all forces are working against you.  Instead, where I have had success, is first learning what I eat by writing it down using MyFitnessPal.  Then making choices that reduce total calories without sacrificing satisfaction; like eating a hamburger without cheese (see Diet Tip: Hold the Cheese for more details).  By implementing small substitutions, you can lower your total calories without feeling like you are giving up everything.  Which means you can lose weight and still do all the things you love to do like wine tasting and eating cake at birthday parties.  Once you learn how many calories are in the foods you like to eat (which will take no more than three months to accomplish for most people) and develop new eating habits, you will lose weight.  Only after you have achieved success with controlling what you eat should you focus on building better nutrition.  Using the same approach for losing weight, you can then start to substitute foods with a higher nutritional value into your diet and continue your path towards better health.  Good nutrition without controlling your eating habits isn't a good recipe for success.  Eating healthy foods won't save your health if you are still eating two or three donuts a day.  So first focus on learning about what you eat, then learning to control it.  Once mastered, take your health to the next level with better nutrition.