Life Transitions and Waistlines

As we start a new year, I cannot help but think about how life transitions influence our waistlines.  For example, you may have noticed that I have not posted a blog in a little over three months.  The reason for the lack of posts is that my wife and I were blessed with identical twin boys  who are now just over three months old.  To say my life has changed a little would be an understatement.  Instead of having a parent/child ratio of 2 to 1, my wife and I are now outnumbered 2 to 3.  Which means we have a lot less time to ourselves.

Through this life transition, I have gained a few pounds.  Sure the World Series happened followed by the holidays.  But I gained wait for more reasons that eating sugar cookies and drinking craft beer.  Weight gain was inevitable.  As my life changed, so did my calorie needs.  Even though I still ate pretty much the same way, I had less time for working out and other physical activities.  The result was consuming more calories than my body needed inevitably resulting in weight gain.  The solution to this situation is simple: eat less calories.  Which means I need to go back to my food journal and see where I can cut out excess and make calories count more (which for me generally means increasing my protein).  I will share my progress with you over the next couple of months.

Life transitions tend to be bad for the waistline simply because change is hard.  We are so focused on the change itself that we don't stop to think about how it might influence other areas of our lives.  The next time your life changes, it might be worthwhile to think about how your calorie and fitness needs might change.  Who knows, it could save your life.

Cheers to the New Year!