Why The Wine Diet Is Different

Most weight loss diets follow similar patterns.  Do this for the next ten days and lose so many pounds.  Or eat this for the next two weeks and lose so many pounds.  These types of diets have two obvious shortcomings.  First, they are often for only a short period of time.  Which is how most of us like to think about diets: as short as possible.  The problem with these diets is that they don't offer much in the way of helping you stay thin. Once you complete the diet, you return to the way you were eating previously and eventually end up back in your old fat pants.  The second short coming is these diets were invented by someone else.  This someone else probably has a completely different lifestyle and food preferences than you do.  Maybe they like working out more.  Or maybe they like eating fruits and vegetables.  Whatever the differences are, they are probably big enough to require changes on your part.  

The Wine Diet is based on the opposite philosophy.  Instead of trying to make extreme changes all at once, The Wine Diet helps you learn how to make small changes that add up to big results.  To make this diet both successful and permanent, The Wine Diet teaches how to examine your diet and cut calories in a way that does not require you to give up the food and lifestyle you prefer.  Which means, cake, wine, and Monday night football in, and strict dieting out.  Making these small types of changes takes a little bit of time.  But The Wine Diet uses time as an ally.  There are two great things that happen over a period of time: you learn more and you create habits.   Learning about what you eat is important for enjoying life more without eating 5,000 calories a day.  There are some foods you probably eat now that if you knew how many calories were in it, you might have chosen something else.  The more you learn about the calories you consume, the easier it is to make equally satisfying, lower calorie choices.  As you practice making choices, over time they become habits.  If they continue for a long period of time they become automatic.  These healthier habits is why The Wine Diet offers long term weight loss success.  And hey, if you are drinking wine or eating ice cream every night, are you really dieting?  It's time to have fun, drink wine, and get skinny!