Lose Weight: Drink Water

One of the weight loss strategies in The Wine Diet is drink more water.  Drinking plenty of water is important for a number of reasons such as feeling fuller and keeping your body hydrated.  But most people have a hard time drinking enough water as part of a weight loss program.  There are some people who already drink lots of water and keep a bottle of water with them.  Then there are other people who start with coffee in the morning, switch to ice tea or diet soda in the afternoon and evening, and then it's straight to beer or wine.  Those types of people (I fall into this camp as well) have a hard time drinking enough water.  They simply are not in the habit of carrying water around with them.  If you are one of those people, here is a simple strategy that I found very helpful.  

Since you don't carry water around with you all day, try finding another cue to remind you to drink a glass of water.  These cues can be a cup of water every hour or other hour, specific times throughout the day (for example, 10am, 1pm, etc.), or before events like working out or running.  Personally, I like to drink two full glasses of water right when I wake up (before my first cup of coffee) and then one glass before each snack and meal.  This type of schedule ensures I get plenty of water all day and helps me to stay full.