Weight Loss Tip: The Reset Meal

Every day I eat the same food for breakfast.  Two servings of All Bran cereal, one cup of almond milk, and a handful of blueberries, blackberries, or raspberries.  Aside from the nutritional value of my breakfast (I get more than 80% of my daily fiber before 10 am), having the same breakfast meal acts as a diet reset.  No matter how poorly I ate the day before, starting with the familiar high fiber breakfast puts me back on track to better eating.  The fact that I feel this way is not all that surprising.  The Wine Diet is a habit based approach to eating so eating a healthy familiar breakfast serves as a trigger of sorts to get me back on track.  Think about this example.  Have you ever rushed out the door for work in the morning and realized on your way to work you forgot to brush your teeth?  If you have, you know it can really ruin the rhythm of your day.  Getting up, getting dressed, and brushing your teeth are routines that you have established over years of practice.  When one of these steps are skipped, the day can be thrown out of whack.  Just like brushing your teeth, if eating a healthy breakfast can be formed as part of your daily healthy eating routine, it may positively influence the way you eat for the rest of the day.  So find a healthy breakfast you love and be sure to eat it after a day of bad food choices.