I lost 50 pounds while drinking two glasses of wine every night. True story. But I also discovered the right process for losing weight and keeping it off. This process essentially taught me how to be thin again. And it was much easier than I ever imagined. Like you, I have been on many diets before. I have tried high protein and low carbs; I have juiced fresh fruits and vegetables; heck, I have even tried drinking coffee with grass fed butter in it. Nothing worked. Eventually my poor eating habits resulted in health problems. I had to do something. So I went back to the basics of losing weight: eat less than you burn. Overtime I figured out how to lose weight and still eat the foods that I loved. I was able to drink wine and eat deserts. I could have my cake and lose weight too! 

The Wine Diet is a book about losing weight the right way. There is no suffering and no strict diet plans. Just a step by step guide to give you the tools to lose weight and keep it off. The best part: this book was written by an average joe. Like you, I have a family with kids, a full time job, and I have to travel occasionally for work. Like you, I have struggled to eat right and have been overweight for most of my adult life. Despite these challenges I have found a way to be thin again and so can you. 

You will learn: 
-Losing weight is much easier than you think
-Eating right doesn't have to mean giving up desert
-Why diets typically fail
-The mindset of diet success
-The Wine Diet Framework
-Helpful weight loss strategies
-Building good habits

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